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"SICO" is not only an organisation but a dream of few of our countrymen who hail from diverse fields such as Science & Tech, Law, Academia, Business and Social-Service but have joined hands to build a new India one can feel proud of.Expecting to create a large support base within the masses and relying upon the strength of its members "SICO" is aiming to adopt a versatile approach to achieve an all-round progress of India, its people and the Indian society.

Vision:To emerge as a pivotal agency by the people for the people of India which leads social     activities of diverse magnitude all over the country in order to build an educated and empowered nation.

MissionEverybody is working but we are here to set targets and achieve goals. Our missions is to consistently create social, political, legal and technical awareness in general people through various educational means. This is to enable upliftment of downtrodden women and men to learn and understand their value. A versatile approach will be adopted to achieve an allround progress of India.       

Join us and be part of the organisation ! our organisation needs people like you to participate in order to be a strong, safe and vibrant country to live.