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Society For Implementation Of Civil Obligation; better known as "SICO" basically is an endeavor of few intellectuals from our society who firmly believe that the nation today needs a change, the society today needs a transformation not only on economic and material level but also on mental and moral levels. Firmly believing on the inspirational words quoted above from Swami Vivekananda we know that its in our own hands to build our new future. So, a few among us who are already delivering their parts to the society in various forms decided to join hands so that they can be a part of this positive transformation. Scientists, Professors, Advocates, Businessmen and Social-workers – all assembled on a single platform to educated the common man about his rights, to counter the illiteracy and unemployment, to help the underprivileged, to develop the rural India and arrest the different negative trends prevailing in the society. This platform has been named as SICO. It is a " Non-Governmental Organisation" registered under ‘Society Registration Act XXI, 1860’ with the Government of India. The success of SICO largely depends upon the large support base it creates among the masses and the active participation of its members. Contribution of every member counts because "SICO' is aiming a versatile approach towards the all-round progress of the country.