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Expecting to create a large support base within the masses and relying upon the strength of its members SICO is aiming to adopt a versatile approach to achieve an all-round progress of India, its people and the Indian society. The different fields in which the enthusiastic members of SICO have vowed to work can be summarized as follows:
EDUCATION:  To provide education to general public by establishing schools, colleges, libraries, hostels, management Training centers & career counseling centers. Above all, stretching the availability of these resources upto rural areas, to provide basic computer education to the poor and needy in rural as well as urban areas, to arrange conferences, seminars and lectures to populate our endeavors in the field of education. In all the mentioned areas focus will be on the poor and rural population

EMPLOYMENT and LEGAL-AID: To provide and arrange capacity building programs, seminars and legal advice for rural people, to provide vocational training, management training for self-employment and legal help to general public for awareness about their rights.

SPECIAL PROGRAMMES for the WEAKER SECTION: To engage in activities for the welfare and upliftment of downtrodden women such as prostitutes and dowry victims, to establish and develop institutions for the physically handicapped and disabled or mentally retarded persons and to provide them education, food clothing or other help.

MEDICAL SERVICES: We believe that only a healthy society can build a healthy nation. So, the organization has to be engaged in the activities of providing the necessary medical facilities to every class of society and community. In this direction aims are to open centers/institutes for diagnostic curative and research of Cancer, Aids, T.B., and other deadly diseases, as per Govt. rules, To arrange and Organize Eye and Blood donation camps, To open centers/ Institutes for diagnosis, cure and research for cancer, AIDS, TB, hepatitis and various other diseases, to promote Biotechnology applications to Agriculture, Floriculture, Herbal, Medicinal, and other areas of rural importance and focus, to promote family planning in the rural areas where there is still unawareness on this issue.

RURAL DEVELOPMENT : ‘Focus where it needs the most’ is going to be our policy. So naturally they are the villages which are going to gain the prime importance in all the above mentioned services of ours. Besides these, we are going to conduct, undertake the conduct of and participate in regional, national, and international exhibition, seminars, conferences, workshops on rural development and economy. Also its our duty to work as conduit between Government and Self Help Groups, Cooperatives, Samitis, Village level committees and artesian to redress / elevate problems faced by them
To conclude, SICO has kept the options open to work in various dimensions in order to build an India we can boast of. Now the members from our workforce will adopt a particular area of their interest and expertise and work in mission mode to achieve targets in a time bound manner.